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Welcome to riteHorizon, the new vertical ERP for all aspects of tolling management.

Innovative, flexible, configurable, field proven and a feature rich CRM designed specifically for the toll industry

riteHorizon, is ETC’s production proven, enterprise-level Tolling Back Office platform designed to respond efficiently and effectively to the unique needs in the transportation industry. This platform has been successfully deployed and functioning for a very large tolling agency for more than a year, proving out its stability and reliability. Based on this success story, ETC can deploy the most comprehensive platform for tolling Back Office applications in North America.

riteHorizon can largely accommodate the complexity and needs of most tolling agencies and authorities with the shortest time of deployment and a reduced risk exposure to the customer. In times when any disruption to operations is substantially unaffordable by the agencies, riteHorizon addresses the customers’ concerns to mitigate risks which is the number 1 mission of the ETC’s Back Office Business Unit.

riteHorizon is a seamless and comprehensive platform of modules designed to address the specific features of the tolling applications as well as ERP-level reporting and auditability of any entity having to deal with financials and reconciliations. The Platform is designed to easily integrate new modules. Apart from providing unified account management and other traditional tolling functions, riteHorizon continues ETC’s spirit of innovation by introducing new features such as new CRM, Payment Plan Management, Treasury Module, Reconciliation Module, real time Accounting, Inventory and Logistic Management.

riteHorizon’s industry-leading features include:

Host BOS

  • Exchange of data with roadside toll systems
  • Roadside solution agnostic
  • Cash, Collector and Vault Management

Account Management

  • Single Account for pre-paid & Violations
  • Transponder and image transactions


  • Contact and campaign management
  • Case management

Online Customer Service Center

  • Responsive website supports multiple devices, and browsers
  • Web Accessibility compliant

IVR Interface

  • Screen pop, IVR, and skill-based routing

Interoperability BOS

  • Bidirectional transaction processing with IOP Hub
  • Bidirectional Peer-to-Peer transaction processing
  • Parking transaction processing


  • Inventory traceability across locations & users
  • Create and track purchase orders
  • Set inventory re-orders

Accounting Module

  • Statutory Accounting GAAP/GASB compliant
  • Management Accounting
  • Comprehensive Reconciliation & Auditability

Treasury Module

  • Each individual payment received is reconciled

Reconciliation Module

  • Track Status of data exchange with Third Parties


  • Easy-to-understand suite of canned reports
  • Operational and Data Warehouse reports

Ad-Hoc Reporting

  • Drag and drop ability
  • Ideal for technical and non-technical users


  • Real-time snapshot of operational statuses

MOMS (Maintenance Online Management System) Monitoring

  • Integrated ticketing system
  • Asset tracking and management system

Disaster Recovery Site

  • Ensures business continuity

Benefits of riteHorizon:

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Improve authority revenues
  • Management accounting to support the decision-making process
  • Improve the internal control system
  • Extensible architecture designed to accommodate future needs
  • Easy to train and to use