Client Portfolio

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development: Crescent City Connection and LA 1

Starting in May 2005, ETC replaced the legacy toll system at the Crescent City Connection Division bridge. ETC implemented 12 combination lanes with AVI and manual toll collection operations and Back Office Solution.

In August 2009, ETC implemented one all electronic toll (AET) lane and one mixed-use lane (manual and AVI) for LA 1. ETC provided a new remote toll installation that services LA 1 highway in southern Louisiana.

ETC’s solution for LaDOTD includes the following customized RITE™ systems:

  • Customer Service Center
  • Online Customer Service Center
  • Violations Processing Center
  • Plaza System
  • Lane systems including RITE™ Redundant Lane Controller for ORT lane and RITE™ Lane Controller for conventional lane
  • Audit and Reconciliation Host

In recent years, LaDOTD removed the tolls from the Crescent City Connection Division bridge. ETC continues to serve LaDOTD through maintenance and enhancement services on LA 1 and the Back Office Solutions.