RITE™ Redundant Communications

ETC’s high-speed RITE™ Redundant Communications and Control System:

  • Replaces the legacy Failover Module and Lane Interface Module (LIM)
  • Provides redundant real-time communications between lane controllers and lane equipment
  • Allows automatic failover function for lane controller or communication link issues
  • Is based on the latest industrial automation technology
  • Provides serial I/O, discrete I/O, Ethernet and other communications or controls all in one system
    • Modular and highly configurable

ETC’s modular and flexible solution:

  • Is configured as needed for specific projects to minimize the hardware and footprint
  • Has lane controllers and components which are distributed along the roadway in small enclosures to best fit existing infrastructure
  • Accommodates long distances (miles) between the lane controllers and roadside lane components
  • Is environmentally rugged and eliminates the need for air conditioners and heaters
  • Has redundant computers, redundant power supplies, and RRC-redundant communications and controls
  • Has RRC-redundant ring which can be implemented over copper, fiber, or both
  • Interfaces to existing or new in-lane components and subsystems

The RRC has proven itself in the field and with extensive testing in the lab. We have performed extensive environmental testing* on the RRC Module to demonstrate its capabilities. The module performed exceptionally well and exceeded all expectations during temperature, vibration, and shock testing. It has now been in production since 2017 in Chicago on the highway network of Illinois Tollway.

The RRC Module can be configured as needed for different toll zones and is easily expandable to add more components. This new system eliminates obsolescence and end-of-life concerns present in other solutions. It supports a failover system that is software controlled with diagnostics to enable remote troubleshooting during adverse weather conditions.

*Test data available upon request