ETC Has Your Solution

ETC offers an unsurpassed suite of services, integrated solutions, and products that reliably and accurately collect millions of toll transactions each day on some of the nation’s busiest toll roads. These products and services are modular and scalable and can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of any toll collection project.

Working together with our toll authority customers, ETC has created the RITE™ Solution, the most innovative and user-friendly toll revenue collection and management system in the industry.

The RITE™ Solution is an impressive suite of enterprise roadside solutions and back office business applications incorporating high-level process automation that streamlines customer service account management, violation-loss recovery, and accounting. This solution also provides extensive reporting which enhances authorities’ internal control systems. The RITE™ Solution provides features for achieving diverse roadside toll collection, operational effectiveness and efficiency, reliable financial reporting, and compliance with laws, regulations, and policies. Deployed individually or as an entire suite, each module is fully customizable to meet each authority’s specific requirements.

The RITE™ Solution is comprehensive, modular, and scalable to operate in exceptionally high traffic and high revenue environments. The RITE™ Solution provides an effective, efficient, user-friendly interface and accurately and reliably collects millions of toll transactions each day on some of the country’s busiest toll roads.


Our roadside solutions have been created to handle a number of challenges, including tolling facility support, lane equipment control, and cash management. The RITE™ Solution’s roadside modules provide real-time data and automation, assisting with troubleshooting and manual maintenance.

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Express Lanes

Our express lane solutions ensure traffic flows smoothly, minimizing congestion on roadways while maximizing profits. Our dynamic pricing modules allow for the conversion High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes to express lanes and allow single occupancy vehicles access in exchange for tolls which vary in price according to traffic volume.

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Back Office

ETC’s back-office solutions satisfy many operational challenges, including account management, reporting, interoperability, and more. We optimize work between manual and automated processes and ensure information accuracy, increasing operation efficiency.

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