Back Office

ETC’s back-office solutions, includes account management, transaction processing, violation processing, accounting, reconciliation, interoperability, and reporting tailored to meet our customers’ unique needs. To maximize efficiency, we use a combination of both manual and automated processes.

Learn the ways our RITE™ Solution facilitates roadside management.

Account Management

The RITE™ Solution Account Management Module is designed to provide high-quality customer care, powerful features, and ease of use.

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The RITE™ Host is the most comprehensive toll transaction processing and audit solution available.

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Image Capture and Review System (ICRS)

Image Capture and Review System (ICRS) obtains accurate license plate identification information using a combination of automated and manual processes.

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The interoperability module allows authorities to permit their patrons to use other agencies tollways through exchange of information and have those transactions billed to the patron’s account.

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The RITE™ Reporting Solution (RRS) was designed to ensure consistent application performance.

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Reconciliation Module

The Reconciliation Module provides internal RITE™ system and external third party files along with other information in a consolidated dashboard view.

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Treasury Module

The Treasury Module is the gateway through which bank records are automatically or manually imported into the RITE™ system.

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Maintenance Online Management System (MOMS)

ETC uses a highly customized, commercially available and supported help desk software product for its Maintenance Online Management System (MOMS).

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