Express Lanes

Our express lane solutions ensure traffic flows smoothly, minimizing congestion on roadways while maximizing profits. Our dynamic pricing modules allow for the conversion High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes to express lanes and allow single occupancy vehicles access in exchange for tolls which vary in price according to traffic volume.

Learn the ways our RITE™ Solution facilitates roadside management.

Dynamic Pricing Host (DPH)

ETC has one of the most advanced dynamic pricing solutions in the industry. Our dynamic pricing module allows tolls to be continually adjusted along the roadway according to traffic conditions to maintain a continuous flow of traffic.

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Trip Building

The Trip Building solution scans transactions and forms trips based on an authority’s business rules.

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RITE™ Traffic and Revenue (T&R)

The RITE™ Traffic and Revenue solution provides a complete reporting suite developed specifically for Dynamic Pricing operations.

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RITE™ Dynamic Pricing Simulation

The RITE™ Dynamic Pricing Simulation solution is a simulation and reporting suite designed to allow operators of Dynamically Priced roadways to model pricing changes for their facilities.

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