Our roadside solutions have been created to handle a number of challenges, including tolling facility support, lane equipment control, and cash management. The RITE™ Solution’s roadside modules provide real-time data and automation, assisting with troubleshooting and manual maintenance.

Learn the ways our RITE™ Solution facilitates roadside management.

Lane Controller

The RITE™ Lane Controller is a full-featured solution that manages and automates the real-time control of lane equipment and forms secure revenue toll payment transactions.

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Facility Server

The RITE™ Facility Server provides a real-time view and support for plazas, ramps, and lane equipment. The Facility Server provides up-to-date system views that indicate lane and equipment status, visually flagging issues or problems

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Cash Management

The plaza host includes a robust cash management system (CMS) to manage the change fund, both at the plaza and the money counting room (MCR).

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Video Audit System

The RVSS is used by authority personnel to perform reviews of transactions for an audit of the toll system or for other purposes.

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