Lane Controller

The RITE™ Lane Controller is a full-featured solution that manages and automates the real-time control of lane equipment and forms secure revenue toll payment transactions. This integrated, interoperable lane controller meets the demand of high-speed, high-volume open road electronic tolling as well as traditional cash and mixed toll lane designs. The lane controller provides extensive support for adjacent express AVI lanes, all payment modes (electronic, cash, manual/attended), and equipment combinations. Reliability and maintainability are demonstrated by its extensive set of diagnostic messages and maintenance utilities and by redundant configurations.

Lane Controller features include:

  • High-volume Lane Redundancy

    Provides electronic tolling redundant support for single lanes, across multiple lanes, or multi-lane open road

  • Diagnostic Menu

    Monitors and troubleshoots live lanes without performance degradation

  • Remote Monitoring

    Supports remote network login to view real-time operations, measures queues and equipment status, and monitors other important lane data

  • Flexible Configuration

    Supports both centrally mastered or locally edited lane configuration files

  • Toll Equipment

    Integrated support for AVI, ACM, AVC, VES, traffic sensors, signals, gates, and other lane equipment

Redundant Lane Controller

The RITE™ Redundant Lane Controller incorporates the powerful features of the Lane Controller and provides critical fail-over assurance required in today‚Äôs complex toll environments, including open road tolling.