Video Audit System

The RITE™ Video Audit System (RVAS) is a proven system in operation at many toll facilities. The RVAS is used by authority personnel to perform reviews of transactions for an audit of the toll system or for other purposes. The RVAS is operational 24/7.

The RVAS is a fully configurable system that merges the transaction data with video data to create a fully auditable system. The RVAS also has the ability to be viewed in near real time so that quality control operations can be performed at any time.

Utilizing strategically placed cameras designed to provide quality video in all weather conditions, day or night, video is recorded that accomplishes the following:

  • Provides a view of the vehicle in the lane sufficient to determine the vehicle’s classification
  • Provides a view of the vehicle as it crosses the various AVC sensors
  • Provides a view sufficient to resolve unusual occurrences such as emergency vehicle registrations
  • Provides a view to witness a hand-to-hand exchange between the driver and toll collector.

The RVAS user interface allows the user to specify query parameters (e.g., class mismatch, specific date time, etc). The user interface queries with the central host for transactions matching the query criteria. The user interface then use the date/time of the transaction that was retrieved from the central host to query video from the media server and display the video retrieved alongside the transaction information that was retrieved from the central host.

Access is established through the RITE™ Solutions role-based security system. Users are able to export a video clip to a pre-defined directory in a number of industry standard formats, including CVA, AVI, and WMV. It also allows for exporting a video clip in a secure format.