ETC was founded by Tim Gallagher in 1999. In 2007 and 2012, Autostrade International U.S. Holdings, Inc., an indirectly and wholly owned subsidiary of Atlantia S.p.A., invested in a majority share in the company, which enabled ETC to pursue a wider range of market opportunities.

ETC is one of a select few systems integrators that offer end-to-end solutions, from roadside systems to the back office and operations.

Celebrating our 15-year anniversary in 2014, ETC’s history has been marked by numerous industry innovations including the first web-based solution, the first Service Oriented Architecture in the toll industry, the first all-electronic toll road implementation in the U.S., and the first truly predictive dynamic pricing algorithm in the industry.

ETC has a wide range of customers that include some of the largest toll agencies in the U.S. Our systems range from small hosted solutions to large, technically sophisticated delivered systems that provide complete end-to-end solutions.

ETC has the ability to deploy back office projects either at the customer’s site or through an SaaS in a hosted environment through our Richardson, Texas, data center.