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Customer Service

Our call centers and walk-in centers run on time-tested procedures and user-friendly riteHorizon ERP and CRM tools to provide efficient and courteous customer service to your motorists, by phone or online.

Our industry-leading platform enables efficient customer service operations and complete management of toll related financials for easy auditability. We deploy comprehensive modules that include account management, customer self-service, transaction processing, violation processing, accounting, reconciliation, interoperability, and reporting tailored to meet your unique needs.


Our customer service center (CSC) operations are a complete package: we run large-scale operations that include call centers and walk-in centers, using advanced ERP and CRM applications and multi-channel self-service, to provide account management functions, dispute resolution, payment processing, transponder distribution, and other CSC functions with utmost efficiency and ease expected by today’s technology-savvy and busy motorists.


Throughout our history, we have provided a variety of customer service services including call centers, walk-in centers, transponder distribution, overflow call centers, exceptional training, efficient customer service software, and more. Whether you are looking for a helping hand to handle your overflow or you need a complete customer service system, we can serve your needs. Our phenomenal staff can start training and operation from scratch or take over from an existing provider. We can also establish offices where your customers are or have our customer service staff work remotely. No matter the need, we have you and your highly valued customers covered.

We currently provide staff, systems, facilities, and supplies to successfully operate a statewide customer service center (CSC) that includes provisioning and maintenance of the license plate and registered owner identification services, back office systems and interfaces, and transponder distribution support. We take roughly 28,000 calls daily, 560,000 calls monthly, and about 7.3 million calls annually. Between various modes of communication, our CSC team handles 9.6 million customer contacts every year.

CSC Operations Approach:

We provide a complete operations and maintenance program with proven technologies, highly skilled personnel, and demonstrated operational programs that will meet and exceed the defined goals and requirements with an absolute minimum impact on customers. We have broad and comprehensive experience in integrating contact centers, using both new and incumbent third-party back-office systems, as well as our own. Regardless of whether contact center operations are moving to a new vendor or remain with an incumbent call center provider, we ensure a smooth transition to on Day One, as proven with the following authorities: NTTA, Illinois Tollway, WSDOT, SRTA, HCTRA .

Successful CSC operations begin from a successful transition to a new CSC team and/or CSC system. Our approach to transition builds on lessons learned from prior operations to foresee and address potential pitfalls, risks, and opportunities. We recommend that we move forward with a “Soft Go-Live” first, that entails opening up the new self-service channels for business, enabling a limited number of calls into the new CSC, and placing support personnel onsite at each location to encourage learning and collaboration between the system and the operations. From there, we build up organically to the Full Go-Live. Two weeks prior to Full Go-Live, we will have tested all production systems from all locations, using the CSC supervisors. We do this because we have learned that at initial cutover, call volumes and handling times may increase temporarily. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the cutover is barely noticeable to your motorists.

Our operations philosophy is simple:

  • Personnel assigned to a specific project must be the right number and quality, thoroughly trained in the facets of the operation for which they are responsible, and cross-trained in other areas to provide maximum depth, efficiency, and effectiveness to the Program.
  • Implement proven operational procedures and program administration that ensure effective and efficient operations in compliance with stated requirements and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Metric-driven workforce management. Using a metric-driven process, we compile the key statistics from operations to facilitate both workforce management and performance evaluation. Through continuous monitoring of existing operations, we can effectively forecast and trend volumes, and personnel requirements needed to satisfy them. This data informs our staffing and training to ensure a high quality of performance and reporting.
  • Optimized staffing and location of services. Using the data compiled over our 20 years of related service, we know what an individual is capable to achieve on a daily basis.  Using this metric, combined with our knowledge of space requirements necessary to facilitate expected volumes, we size staffing and facilities to accommodate the anticipated volumes and services.
riteHorizon™ – Today’s Most Advanced CSC Toolset:

riteHorizon™ is a low/no-code software platform that includes tolling-specific and multimodal back office modules, built on open-source and COTS components. It provides unified account management, a true self-service application, ad-hoc operational data, automated operations of your tolling, congestion management, and smart urban mobility back-office functions. It is designed to provide today’s customer service center agents with an intuitive interface that emulates the familiar social media experience to encourage productivity. Notably, it is also designed to place greater configuration and business process management control directly into the customers’ hands

Although our trained customer service center agents can use other integrators’ systems as needed, our ERP and CRM system, riteHorizon™, was specifically designed for maximum proficiency to help them better serve your customers. From 2018 to 2019, we invested in researching technologies to develop a sophisticated UI/UX platform, designed with different types of end-users in mind. riteHorizon provides the user experience and interfaces that are modeled to emulate state-of-the-art social media UI/UX pioneered by dominant consumer IT companies. They enable customer service representatives (CSRs) to interact with our back office within a framework of a familiar virtual environment, in terms of style, design, navigation logic, features, and interactivity, requiring less training hours and a more productive customer service representative.

Our back office system and operations successfully pass annual PCI Level 1 certification.

Learn more about riteHorizon™ here. Download our riteHorizon™ brochure here.

Customer Self-Service:

The bar for multi-channel services continues to rise, as the customers with well-designed, easy-to-use “supercomputers” in their pockets have high expectations when it comes to the look, feel, and usability of a self-service application. To encourage customers to move towards self-service, it must be up to the latest standard; otherwise, customers will revert to other service channels, such as managing their accounts in person or by phone. That is why, we worked with leading User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) consultants in 2018-2019 to develop and deploy modern best practices for designing and delivering user interfaces, websites, and apps. These best practices involve an organized approach to understanding customer needs, applying modern prototyping and user experience design, and best-in-class latest technology to reach your customers.

The result is our website and mobile self-service platform, riteOnline™. Designed based on the same principles as riteHorizon’s user interfaces, the efficient and easy-to-use riteOnline takes your customer service to the next level. The intuitive UI/UX and a full range of functionalities will enable your customers to complete most account management actions and payments on their own, using a computer or a smartphone. They will also use riteOnline to interact with customer service agents through a simple chat window on a desktop or mobile app, as well as virtual assistants (e.g. Alexa) and social media channels.

Learn more about complete multi-channel self-service with riteOnline™ here.