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Interoperability Hub

Increasing mobility, convenience and service efficiency. Our Interoperability Module provides efficient processing of AVI and image-based transactions across multiple toll agencies and operators.

Since 2002, we have developed and maintained interoperability solutions that facilitate the efficient transfer, processing, remittance and reconciliation of both AVI and Image-based transactions across multiple toll operators.

Beginning with our first Peer-to-Peer model enabling the direct transaction and data exchange between Team Texas partner agencies, as well as interoperability with both regional airports for parking transactions, we are the current developer, integrator and service provider of the Central United States Interoperability Hub (CUSIOP).


This platform supports transaction processing and adjustments, transponder/license plate status file exchange and System/Agency reconciliation for seven toll agencies across three states – with more planned to join in the coming years.

Our RITE® Interoperability Hub complies with CUSIOP and SSIOP business rules and interface protocols providing the interface guidelines between the Operator and the Hub:

  • Bulk and Differential Tag Validation Lists (TVL)
  • Full and Incremental License Plate Validation Lists (LVL)
  • Transactions
  • Transaction Resubmittals
  • Transaction Adjustments (Credit/Debit)
  • Reconciliations
  • File Acknowledgements

Web services facilitate the efficient transfer, processing, reconciliation and remittance of:

  • Transactions
  • Transaction Resubmittals
  • Transaction Adjustments
  • Reconciliations
  • Acknowledgements

And with a suite of reports included, the RITE® Interoperability Hub gives you all the tools needed to manage, reconcile and provide settlement for your interoperability transactions.