Becoming an All-Cloud Company

By Austin Moseley

By spring of this year, ETC will be an all-cloud company. From Office 365 to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Oracle, this transition required a great deal of effort and patience from our staff as they dealt with resulting changes and disruptions. This shift to all-cloud hosting is a fundamental change that benefits our operations and delivery teams.

First, it allows our staff to work from anywhere, at any time. Development and support can proceed around the clock, from any location. This takes our commitment to customer support to a whole new level.

Second, an all-cloud platform provides a new level of stability and decreases time to delivery. Not only is there little to no downtime for maintenance, but the resources once used to patch and check systems are now free to support new opportunities.

Third and most exciting is the shift to focusing on analytics, enabling us to find answers quickly and discover insights that help us focus our resources in a more targeted manner, which will increase tolling revenue opportunities while decreasing operations costs. Toll agencies will be able to micro-target each segment of their operations in a way they’ve never done before. Twenty years ago, relational-database and web-based systems ushered in a wave of innovation in tolling. Today, the use of cloud services and analytics promises a new wave of innovation to launch toll agencies into the connected, data-driven future.