Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation (ETC) Achieves Final System Acceptance for riteHorizon Implementation at Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA)

Electronic Transaction Consultants reaches Final System Acceptance in Back Office System (BOS) upgrade for the Harris County Toll Road Authority

Dallas, Texas – May 15, 2019

In a significant project to bring new back-office solutions to the Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA), Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation (ETC) achieved Final System Acceptance for the riteHorizon system upgrade.

HCTRA certified the enterprise-level back-office toll collection system, known as riteHorizon, as complete on August 31, 2018.

This dynamic and comprehensive system leads the industry in back-office tolling collection technology. Since go-live, riteHorizon has processed over 1.45 billion transactions, 44,000 daily payments, and 12,000 daily invoices, representing over $1.3 billion in revenue to HCTRA.

 “Our team worked relentlessly to reach this significant milestone,” says Raj Nagaraju, Director of Back-Office Systems. “This is a result of thousands of hours of demanding work and we are honored to have been part of this project and the effective, long-term impact riteHorizon will have on HCTRA and the surrounding community.”

riteHorizon is a seamless and comprehensive platform of modules designed to address the specific features of the tolling applications as well as ERP-level reporting and auditability of any entity having to deal with financials and reconciliations. The Platform is designed to easily integrate new modules. Apart from providing unified account management and other traditional tolling functions, riteHorizon continues ETC’s spirit of innovation by introducing new features such as new CRM, Payment Plan Management, Treasury Module, Reconciliation Module, real-time Accounting, Inventory and Logistic Management.

HCTRA was one of ETC’s original customers and has supported the agency’s rapid growth and forward-thinking strategy since 2001.

About Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation

ETC is a leading global systems and services provider for the tolling and transportation industries, delivering Roadside systems, Back-Office platforms and full Operations. The company’s nearly two decades of delivering technically sophisticated solutions has supported many of the country’s largest toll authorities and helped transform the industry with first-of-its-kind advancements. ETC’s solutions process over $3 billion of toll revenue annually.

ETC’s enterprise-wide back-office platforms provide the full range of functionality required to support all-electronic toll collection, dynamic pricing, interoperability, reporting, audit and reconciliation. ETC’s platforms can be delivered at the modular level or as an integrated, enterprise-wide solution capable of interfacing with other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms. The back-office platforms offering portfolio comprises the cutting-edge riteHorizon platform, meant to respond to high volumes of transactions and complex requirements, riteEssentials, meant for smaller projects and our industry proven Interoperability Hub. They can be provided as a customer-delivered model or through a hosted environment at ETC’s state-of-the-art technology and operations centers. For additional information, please visit www.etcc.com.

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