ETC applies RiteSuite to Colorado toll system

New five-year contract also covers dynamic pricing plans and enhanced vehicle detection 

By Ben Spencer (ITS International)

RiteSuite is built on open-source platforms (Source: ETC)

Electronic Transaction Consultants (ETC) has won a five-year deal to upgrade High Performance Transportation Enterprise’s (HPTE) roadside toll collection system in Colorado.

The HPTE is a business unit within the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDoT) which searches for ways to finance projects to help the US state increase travel choices through express lanes, transit, cycling and carpooling. 

ETC will use subsystems from its RiteSuite tolling and mobility range, and insists its system architecture will maximise the use of open-source technology, enabling HPTE to re-use existing infrastructure.

RiteSuite’s Lane solution is a roadside tolling solution designed to capture transactions in all lane types and pricing methodologies. 

The suite’s RiteOSS asset management system provides complete system infrastructure mapping while the RiteTrac audit tool uses machine learning for real-time lane performance monitoring, the company adds. 

ETC’s range also includes the RiteView Big Data reporting and dashboarding system and an automated number plate recognition system called RiteVision. 

Aside from RiteSuite, the deal includes trip building, dynamic pricing plans, enhanced vehicle detection, wrong-way detection and a hotlist for law enforcement purposes, plus an upgraded digital video audit system.

The move comes two months after Align Capital Markets acquired ETC in a move which it said would help the software provider enter new markets through RiteSuite.

ETC’s technology is also being used in other parts of the US. Last year, the company earned final system acceptance for the RiteHorizon back-office toll collection system for the Harris County Toll Road Authority in Texas. 

Source: ITS International