RiverLink FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About RiverLink

Invoicing Resumes – Late 2020/Early 2021
Why am I receiving an invoice weeks after I crossed a tolled bridge?

Invoicing returned to a normal schedule in late 2020 and early 2021 after invoices were paused in 2020 following the temporary closure of the RiverLink walk-up centers to help stop the spread of COVID-19. That means some customers will receive a single invoice that could include multiple months of crossings.

Why are fees being added to an invoice I’m receiving for crossing a tolled bridge several weeks ago?

Fees did not accumulate when invoices and the aging cycle were paused, but fees are being added with resumption of the normal billing cycle. A person who had previously received a second invoice with a $5 administrative fee can expect to receive a third notice (violation notice) with a $25 violation fee if the second notice has not been paid in full. Throughout the closure of the walk-up centers, tolls could be paid online, by phone and by mail.

The amount I owe is higher than anticipated because it contains multiple months of crossings. Is there a program to assist me?

RiverLink Fee Forgiveness is available to qualifying drivers. Tolls are rolled back to transponder rates and any late fees are waived when a customer opens a prepaid account. Savings can be substantial with customers in passenger vehicles seeing toll rates cut in half. The RiverLink Fee Forgiveness offer is available once per license plate.

RiverLink Accounts
How can I open a RiverLink prepaid account and get a transponder?

Customers can open a prepaid account online, by phone or in person at a customer service center. To open an account, customers will need to provide their name, billing address, phone number and payment method. They’ll also need to provide the vehicle’s make, model, year, color and license plate number.

Why does the website indicate I already have an account when I try to set up a prepaid RiverLink account?

Once a vehicle crosses a tolled bridge, the vehicle is in the RiverLink system. All outstanding tolls and fees must be paid before setting up a RiverLink prepaid account.

Tolls owed can be reduced to the lower, transponder rate and late fees waived by setting up a prepaid RiverLink account. This offer is available once per license plate. Account conversion is available online, by calling RiverLink customer service or by visiting a RiverLink customer service center. To check online to see if you qualify for this one-time conversion offer, click the “Pay Invoice Online” link below, go to the “Invoices and Payment Plans” section, then enter the invoice number and license plate.

I have an account; why did I also receive an invoice?

In most cases, if an account holder receives an invoice, it means their account has a negative balance. Some ways to avoid this issue: 

  • Set up auto-replenishment. As long as the payment method remains valid, the account will always have a positive balance. Add a secondary, back-up payment source in case the first payment method fails. 
  • Request low-balance reminders by email and check your spam folder to make sure you’re not missing notifications.