MDX Loses Appeal of $61.3 Million in Judgements

A Miami-Dade Circuit Judge in 2018 found MDX acted in bad faith with ETC and ordered it to pay damages, attorneys’ fees and interest.

ETC was hired by MDX to design/operate a new toll-by-plate collection and enforcement system. ETC sued MDX in 2012, claiming that the agency breached its contract by missing deadlines and failing to properly review its submissions. ETC then added a wrongful termination claim after MDX terminated the contract.

After a three-week trial in 2017, judge William Thomas sided with ETC. All of MDX’s claims were denied, and they were forced to hand ETC a bill of $53.3 million for damages incurred and interest in January 2018. Two years later, the interest has accrued millions more, which is now also owed to the tolling agency.

Lead attorney for ETC, Mike Piscitelli, told NBC6, “The company is pleased that the appeals court recognizes the court below found it was owed a substantial amount of money and we hope this is the end of the journey.”

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