Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation (ETC) Moves Headquarters to 1600 N. Collins in Richardson, Texas

Electronic Transaction Consultants moves its headquarters in Richardson, Texas into a new modern office space that reflects its dynamic corporate culture, innovative team and efficient business practices

Richardson, Texas – Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation (ETC), a leading systems and services provider for the tolling and transportation industries, today announced the company moved its headquarters to 1600 N. Collins, Suite 4000, in Richardson, Texas 78080.

The new office is less than two miles from the previous location, also in Richardson, Texas.

“As we celebrate 20 years in business this year, we felt it was time to trade up to a more modern office space that reflects the efficient operations and advance technology environment that is ETC today,” said CEO Bret Kidd. “We teamed up with a great architectural firm, contractor and realtor to find a convenient modular space that we could tailor to our needs, and we’re very excited to take this next step in the company’s journey. The new space was designed with our employees in mind and we created a friendly space that will foster collaboration, teamwork – and fun. When you work as hard as we do, it’s important to have fun as a team too.”

Founded in 1999, ETC has been at its current location for 12 years.

About Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation

ETC is a leading global systems and services provider for the tolling and transportation industries, delivering roadside tolling, congestion management, smart mobility, and Back Office solutions. The company’s two decades of delivering sophisticated technology and services has supported many of the country’s largest toll Authorities and helped transform the industry with first-of-its-kind advancements. ETC’s solutions process over $3 billion of toll revenue annually.

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